Allow me to first of all express my personal appreciation to you for visiting our church website. For almost 16 years it has been my honor and privilege to serve as the Pastor of Clover Baptist Church. Sometimes it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that God has allowed me to serve Him while serving as a minister for about 38 years. When I was saved at the age of 21 I had been a church member since the age of 12. Joining the church and being baptized at the age of 9 had given me a false sense of security. During those 12 years I often struggled with the issue of whether I was really saved or not. The doubts and uncertainties haunted me much of the time. But, then I would look at what “I had done”. I had been baptized; I had taught Sunday school; I had sung with the praise team; I had read my Bible; I had served as a church usher; I had even served as the Training Union Director. Thankfully on October 17, 1974 God reminded me that none of what “I had done” mattered. It was all about what He had done for me. Jesus loved me and gave His life on the cross to save me. That October evening I was saved by Him through His amazing grace. He has blessed my life far more than I deserve. I thank Him for my wife, my children, and my church family. Of course, life has included disappointments, trials and struggles but through it all God has been so very good. I praise Him today and hope to serve Him for the rest of my days. My hope for you is that you know Him as your personal Saviour and Lord…..if not, I would love to share Him with you! It would be a privilege to meet you. I invite you to come and worship with us at Clover Baptist Church. - Pastor Keith